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I am Bolaji Afolabi, I am the Lead Partner of Globalclique, a pan-African Real Estate + Technology + HR Consulting Company with offices located in Lagos, Nigeria, and Kigali, Rwanda. Our company specialize in providing AI-enabled Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) & Technology solutions tailored for the real estate, construction & Allied industries. Our primary mission is to bridge the critical human capital and technology gap prevalent within Africa’s dynamic Real Estate and Construction Sector. Within the realm of Globalclique, my core responsibilities revolve around orchestrating the coordination of the team, processes, technologies, and products essential for delivering highly efficient human capital, capacities, and solutions.
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Our goal is to share insightful information about Real Estate, Proptech, E-Business, HR Solutions and Outsourcing.

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Shola Abeji, CEO, Shola Abeji & Partners

”I must say that your practical outline on the use and application of GPS in Real Estate practice was an eye-opener, Today my firm delivers the extra value that gives our Valuation Reports the competitive edge in Assets Valuation Services to our numerous clients.”

Samuel Agbana, Department of Land Administration, FCTA, Abuja, Nigeria

”Your GPS Training course is unique and simplified, it gives the student an opportunity to catch-up, everything is practical and give room for hands-on experience outside the classroom.”

Esther Ndukwe, Principal Partner, Esther Ndukwe & Partners

Great GPS Course, tailored to our unique real estate surveying and valuation needs, kept simple and engaging, delivered with genuine intent to impart the desired knowledge.

Ijaodola A. Olawaiye, Managing Partner, Kehinde Olugbenle & Co

Excellent content, and very knowledgeable author, interesting and stimulating, great opportunity to improve on an aspect of Valuation and other Real Estate Practice. The author made everyone feel comfortable and able to take something away.