The Journey so far

It’s 1st Day of February, 2022; The Journey so far…


It’s the 1st of February, happy new month to you.

Thank you for following up with my real estate + tech-based business tips.

The Journey so far…

Here is a recap of everything I posted in January 2022 ;

✅ On the 2nd of January, I started the month with an off-topic, and I wrote about the countries Nigerians can visit without a Visa. Link here;

✅ On the 9th of January, I wrote another article that discussed the 14 Important Real Estate Documentations / Terms you should know as a First-time Property Buyer. So if you are a real estate enthusiast, a broker, an investor or a typical Nigerian who is about buying real estate for the first time, you can find it useful. Link here;

✅ 15th of January was dedicated to Layout Plan and I explained what a Layout Plan means in the Nigerian real estate context and everything you need to know about it. Link here;

✅ The dream of every Nigerian homeowner is to secure his or her investment at all costs, and based on my understanding of C of O, I wrote about 13 Documents you need to Process a C of O (Certificate of Occupancy ) for your Property in Nigeria. This was captured on the 18th of January. Link here;

✅ For those struggling to sell their properties in Nigeria and those who started a career in real estate sales, you can find this article useful>>>>>Top 5 Classified Ads/Listing/High Traffic Websites to get Buyers for your Property in Nigeria. It was published on the 28th of January. Link here;

✅ Land Excision is one of those terms you hear from those selling lands in Lagos, Nigeria. The term is very confusing to a layman, and it has caused many people to lose their money to real estate scams in the country. This article published on the 28th of January explains Everything you need to know about Land Excision in Nigeria. Link here;

✅ If you understand what Excision is all about in the Nigerian real estate industry context, you need to also understand what a Gazette is all about, and in this regard, I wrote about; 100% Fact you need to know about a Gazette in Nigeria. Published on the 31st January. Link here;

✅ I know some people will confuse Excision with Gazette, and in another article of 31st January, I was able to differentiate between Excision and Gazette. This information will be useful for you as a realtor or real estate investor or first-time property buyer in Nigeria. Link here;

I appreciate your likes, comments, private chats, and calls. These are the valuable encouragements that got me committed to giving values.

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✍🏿 I am Bolaji Afolabi. I created to teach you about real estate and tech-based business opportunities. I work as a full-time partner at Globalclique, a Real Estate + Technology Consulting Company. I am also a CIO at Ibugbe and Partners, a Real Estate Marketing and Development Consulting Firm in Lagos, Nigeria.

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Bolaji Afolabi
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