Bolajiafolabi.com is  a platform dedicated to delivering impressive Real Estate , Proptech and E-Business knowledge. The site was launched in 2021 by Bolaji Afolabi, a Proptech and E-business employee of Globalclique | Ibugbe and Partners. Bolaji is currently the  Editor-in-Chief of bolajiafolabi.com working with Associates, Team and  Guest Contributors.
The platform is focused on giving valuable and insightful information about the business of Real Estate, E-business and Technology Innovation.

Working with Bolajiafolabi.com

We  work with select companies and entities to create and craft out information about their products, services and other solution that could support societal advancement. For any enquiries regarding advertisement, and business partnerships please send an email to “[email protected]

bolajiafolabi.com is a wholly owned platform of Globalclique | Ibugbe and Partners.

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