Rwanda ranked second in the Ease of Doing Business in Africa. Kigali, the capital city is beautiful, and it’s one of the cleanest cities in Africa. One must have seen it to believe it. It is difficult to spot a paper or an empty bottle laying around anywhere in this city of over one million people.


Rwanda has one of Africa’s fastest internet connections which allows you to remain effective in your communication. In fact, the Rwandan government has decided to make internet available throughout the country, and you will get numerous free wireless spots in public places as part of this plan.


Rwanda made starting a business easier by exempting newly formed small and medium-size enterprises from paying the trading license tax for their first two years of operation. This improved Rwanda’s ranking on the indicator from 51st in 2019. Doing Business Report to 35th globally in 2020.


In dealing with construction permits, Rwanda went up by 25-points from 106th last year to 81st globally. This was attributed to reducing the time to obtain a water and sewage connection. Rwanda also improved building quality control by requiring all construction professionals to obtain liability insurance on buildings once in use.


In the getting electricity indicator, Rwanda improved the reliability of the power supply by upgrading its power grid infrastructure. This led to the indicator improving from 68th to 59th globally. The enforcing contracts indicator saw the highest jump from 78th to 32nd globally.

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