Ease of Doing Business in Africa? Mauritius is No.1

Mauritius, an African Country in the Indian Ocean. It’s a British colony that gained independence in 1968, also a republic within the Commonwealth of Nations. The total land area of the country is 2,040 km 2 (790 sq mi). It is the 170th largest nation in the world by size. The Republic of Mauritius includes Mauritius Island and several outlying islands.

Mauritius investment stakes in Nigeria is huge, especially in the retail and hospitality sector of our economy. Nigerians hardly go to this island to explore business opportunities, maybe few people know about this country. Surprisingly, Mauritians really mean business about Nigeria!

Mauritius recently transformed its business environment and improved its Global Ease of Doing Business, the country now ranked 13th globally and 1st in Africa.

Mauritius is the leader in business facilitation in Africa, striving to be among the most business-friendly countries globally, alongside other jurisdictions such as New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, United States, United Kingdom, etc.

The Key areas where Mauritius improved her economy and ease of doing business include;

  • Streamlined bureaucratic procedures, resulting from the automation of licensing permits. This has contributed to major reforms in dealing with construction permits in Mauritius.
  • Mauritius e-Registry System, where a national register of immovable properties and statistics on land dispute resolutions are now publicly available.
  • Robust transparency of information provided by the local authority.
    Registering a business/Incorporate a company online in less than two hours.
  • Getting Electricity – Reduced costs and time for a new electricity connection.
  • Improving the legal framework for Resolving Insolvency.
No one can tell the story of Africa more than Africans, thanks to African Continental Free Trade Area (AFCFTA) project.

It’s time we begin to hack opportunities for Africans. Let’s build the largest continental trade network in Africa.

Please look forward to my future articles where I will be exploring other best countries where Nigerians could extract business opportunities

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