Online Platforms to Rent and Sell Properties in Nigeria

The 7 Best Online Platforms to Rent and Sell Properties in Nigeria

In Nigeria, online platforms to rent and sell properties have become the new marketplace for people shopping for real estate investment opportunities. Nigeria has over 108 million internet users, with about 213 million people.

The population of Nigeria and the pace of internet adoption has shifted the pattern in-which people source and access housing solution.

Facebook Marketing for Real Estate

The real estate industry in Nigeria is already benefiting from the huge Internet users and technology adoption by real estate market players, this is one of the major reasons why Online Platforms to Rent and Sell Properties continue to increase in the country.

Many Nigerian real estate agents, developers and portfolio real estate owners can now get prospective home buyers and renters using various internet platforms.

Platforms to Rent and Sell Properties

1. Your Own Business Website

Putting your current property listings on your website serves two purposes.  First, it’s an opportunity to display all of your vacant rentals/sales in one place, with details and full-colour images. Users can browse all of your listings in one place.

Second, putting listings on your site improves SEO. If someone is searching for a property in your area through Google, your listing will appear higher in the search results.

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2. Jiji

Jiji is a Nigerian-based online classified ads marketplace that provides buyers and sellers with an avenue to meet and exchange goods and services.

In April 2017, Jiji received Nigeria Internet Registration Association Awards as the most innovative online service of the year in Nigeria.

As of January 2022, it has over 1.8 million adverts cutting across properties, automobiles, and other products. It enjoys about 1 million visitors daily and 30 million monthly visits.

Jiji App is on the list of the ten most downloaded apps in Nigeria. If you are trying to sell your property in Nigeria or you are a real estate professional in Nigeria, please register an account on Jiji and start generating leads.

3.  Property Pro, a website formerly known as is a Nigerian property listing platform. Ever since the creation of Property Pro in 2013, the company has grown bigger to become the No.1 Real Estate Listing Platform in the country.

It is one of the major online platforms to rent and sell properties in Nigeria, the platform provides users with a property search experience by connecting them with legitimate and verified real estate agents.

The platform has over 60,000 property listings which include properties like homes, houses, lands, shops, office spaces and other commercial properties, and small, medium and large-scale real estate companies.

If you are a realtor in Nigeria, and you are not on Property Pro, then you are missing something. Create an account on their platform today, and start generating real estate leads/clients.

4.  Nigeria Property Centre

Nigeria Property Centre is one of the most visited Property Listing Websites in Nigeria. It is a platform where property seekers in Nigeria find details of all properties available to buy or rent.

The Platform has lots of users, advertising members and properties, it is a major online platform to rent and sell properties.

5.  Private Property

Private Property is another interesting platform to promote and advertise your properties in Nigeria.  Private Property has a high volume of serious online buyers and renters.

6.  Buy Let Live

Buy Let Live is an online real estate marketplace connecting people who desire to rent/buy properties with real estate agents, developers and homeowners for listed inventory in locations of choice within Nigeria.

7.  Nairaland

Nairaland is more used by Nigerian domestic residents and is the 6th most visited website in Nigeria as revealed by Alexa as of January 2022.  83.0% of the Nairaland userbase are from Nigeria, followed by the United States at 4.3% and India at 3.8%.

8. Social Media

Don’t underestimate the power of social media channels. You can post your property listings as they become available across all of your social media platforms.

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The contents of this article are for informational purposes only. Always do your research and consult the relevant expert before you embark on any online promotion for your real estate business.

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