No doubt, we can testify to it that the internet is a critical economic enabler and an opportunity platform for the African youth.

Today, we have seen Africans transacting businesses with the rest of the world, developing great mobile apps, promoting Fin-tech, driving e-health, driving e-education, harnessing blockchain, and cryptocurrency opportunities.

People continue to harness the internet to overcome traditional barriers such as lack of access to education, skills, exporting of products, and services to national and international markets.

With over 122 Million Internet Users in Nigeria (NCC 2019 Stat.), we could create globally competitive e-businesses, drive all sectors of the economy with smart technologies, gain access to the global marketplace of billions of people.

If Nigeria could continue to harness her potentials in internet penetration, and our IT-Smart youths continue to be supported, many people would escape the poverty threshold and stop being political broom. Opportunities await us in E-HEALTH, E-COMMERCE, E-EDUCATION, E-AGRIC, PROP-TECH, E-GOVERNMENT ETC.

The time is now to talk about E-versities and begin to let people know about platforms like Coursera, Udemy, and the likes of UOP (University of the People) where we could learn and teach at a world-class level and be useful to the world., then make money in return.

Let’s plug more into the internet opportunities to enhance our education and training, create more rooms for innovation, and communicate more efficiently at the global level.

It’s time we rise and tap from the global internet economy, let’s digitize our traditional businesses and amplify massive economic growth.

I don’t know what you do, but I believe the internet is here to revolutionize all sectors. Be foresightful and open yourself to opportunities in the global market place.

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