We are in the new normal, and the way we run businesses have changed, many companies can no longer manage voluminous payroll, because they cannot keep paying staff when the jobs are not forthcoming.

Intelligent professionals like you are now exploring smarter ways to run their businesses, they are exploring productive technologies that would save them from the COVID-19 global lock-down, they are eager to chase out the physical barriers that wanted to keep them out of relevance.

To minimize cost, work remotely  and increase your productivity through smart IT system( Not all IT systems are smart, some are difficult to learn and use. The ones that simplify your life and turn your practice to goldmine are the SMART IT Systems), it is important to understand and know how to manipulate the “THREE CATEGORIES OF OPERATIONAL TECHNOLOGIES” in your real estate / real estate related business as follows;


The outdoor technologies include your Digital Measuring Wheel, Laser Measuring Tape, Handheld GPS Devices, Drones, Digital Camera and few other technology tools you use outside the office. Most times, these tech tools are commonly used for data collection in the field.

All these tools must be kept organized and you must master how to utilize them to your full advantage. You get better accuracies with these tools and clients rely more on your professional judgements when you deploy these tools to your daily practice.

For Example, a digital measuring wheel helps you to single-handedly carry out several field measurement without any extra support from the second or third person.

You can use it to measure sites accurately and you can measure up to 10,000 meters, both distance and perimeter. This means that only “MR A” can go to the site and conduct field measurement, while “MR B” stays in the office to prepare reports, and “MR C” who seems not to be effective and innovative in the practice would have to take a leave so that the company can manage the workplace on a minimal and productive budget.


The indoor technologies in real estate operation include the software we use in the office to manipulate and process our real estate data, and also present our information, it also extends to some other productivity and process software. This Software include; PODIO; Digital Workspace Manager for Real Estate Practice, ARGUS; Valuation and Investment Analysis, EVERNOTE: Digital Assets Manager, Etc. and some other common software such as Microsoft Excel, Power-point, Office, Autocad, Revit Architecture, etc.

I will be exploring some other web-based software that helps you digitize your real estate practice, work remotely, minimize your cost and make the physical office less important….this would be my next write up.


If you don’t know, there are some technologies that you can use both outdoor and indoor to collect and process your real estate information, for example, you can use your mobile Evernote to record data and capture information in the field, and then automatically synchronize same with the office while you are still in the field in far away Kaduna or Kano, the office in Lagos will receive your field data in seconds and the Indoor Team prepare the report for signing by the Principal Partner the same day, the report goes out to the final client the same day.

Also, you can use a GPS to collect your data in the field, synchronize the same with your GIS/Google Earth Software, then visually analyze the information you collected in the field. This approach may look technical because you might not be familiar with GPS application in real estate, just click here to learn more about GPS in Real Estate, then come back to finish this article.

I will be guiding you on how to practically deploy and leverage on FREE and Open Source Technologies in your everyday professional practice, just follow my articles.

Let me K.I.S.S (Keep it Short and Simple)

“There is no alternative to digital transformation. Visionary companies will carve out new strategic options for themselves — those that don’t adapt will fail.” –  Jeff Bezos, Amazon

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Bolaji Afolabi is a resourceful and multi-talented professional with project excellence in Real Estate Consultancy,  Urban Planning, Geospatial Technologies and Smart IT solution.  Bolaji boasts of international real estate + technology experiences in Rwanda, Niger Republic, Uganda, Sierra Leone and his motherland Nigeria. Read more…

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